How To Get Booked In The Promotional Modeling Industry!

The team at Pink Avenue Models gets tons of calls and emails a day asking random questions. Potential models want to know how they can get in to the modeling industry. Promotional models that are part of our team want to know how they can better their chances of being selected by clients. We get pretty much any question that you can think of and we like to give answers to the best of our ability. Here are a few of our tips for working in this crazy industry.

  1. Send professional and candid pictures along with an updated resume to as many agencies as possible. (Always keep your pictures and resume up to date, we hate pictures from 6 years ago.) The more companies you receive notifications from the more work you can get.
  2. Use all your resources to find work. Use Craigslist, Facebook, Model Mayhem, Marketing Rockstar, and Twitter. Yes, companies send out notifications but they also post on tons of social media sites.
  3. Be reliable. As soon as you back out of an event, get a bad review, cancel last minute or do not finish the event the agency looks at you as unreliable and you will probably not get booked again.
  4. Be awesome! When you do a great job and your agents hear amazing things about you they will be more likely to refer you to their clients.
  5. Don’t over book yourself. Yes, the money can be amazing but being tired and overworked ruins your performance at events. Working to much takes the fun out of it and you are more likely to show up with a bad attitude. We all need our free time.

These are a few things that I have learned from working in the industry, follow these tips for a successful career. This industry has so much to offer and so much opportunity. Promotional models can work trade shows, street teams, special events and can even travel as part of mobile tours. Happy promoting!

Team Pink Avenue