Promotional Models, Do You Own These Items?

With busy season approaching fast the team at Pink Avenue Models wants to make sure you are ready! The attire for promotions is pretty standard, trade shows are usually business professional, liquor promotions require black dresses or black skirts with a branded top, and street teams usually ask for khaki pants/shorts. Promotional models should always have a classic pair of closed toe black patent leather heels, a pair of white gym shoes, and a pair of comfortable flat shoes. Once and a while the attire will change and most of the time the attire is provided. Just make sure you have this list of items in your closet so when you get booked for the event you are all set!

  1. Khaki pants/shorts
  2. Black pants/shorts
  3. Black cocktail dress (sexy but not revealing)
  4. White gym shoes
  5. Black ballet flats
  6. Black closed toe heels
  7. Black mini skirt
  8. Blazer
  9. Long sleeved white shirt for layering
  10. White collared shirt

Having these 10 items in your closet should keep you prepared for most events. Every client is different and has a different image in mind. We are so excited for all of the events that will take place in 2012!

Team Pink Avenue