Take The Perfect Promo Picture!

One thing that is a known fact is that promotional models take tons of pictures. Pictures are required for most events, it’s evidence that the event went on, it’s necessary for recaps, and client reports. Have you ever taken a picture and then asked if you could see it because you want to make sure you look good in it? Well read these tips and you will never have to doubt yourself again, you will be a picture pro.

  1. Never take a picture straight on, always angle your body. It makes you look slimmer.
  2. Use your body, arch your back, put all the weight to one hip.
  3. Remember head down, eyes up. It’s the best angle for your face. Tilt your head, never straight.
  4. Keep your shoulders relaxed, if you are tense it will show in the picture.
  5. Whatever parts of your body are closest to the camera will look the biggest. Keep that in mind when posing.
  6. The reason we always have our hand on our hip is because it slims our arms. If your arm is flat to your side it looks double it’s real size.

These simple steps are so easy to follow and once you’ve taken pictures like this a few times it will come naturally. Happy picture taking! You will be a pro in no time.

Team Pink Avenue