10 Dresses Every Model Should Own

It’s a fact, most girls love shopping! The team at Pink Avenue Models blogs about a lot of things… events that we’ve booked, new trends, tips for the promotional modeling world, advice to new models and so much more. We’ve blogged in the past about shoes and clothes that every woman should own and today we are going to list dresses that every girl should have in her closet. It’s nice because these dresses can be worn at trade shows and events as well as out for girls night or date night. We love giving our models another reason to shop!

  1. Flirty summer dress. Get a pretty color, dress it up with heels and jewelry or down with sandals and a cardigan.
  2. Floral print dress. Can be worn every where and prints are in this season.
  3. Floor length dress. This can be dressed up or down as well. Make sure you pick the right one for your body type.
  4. Party dress. Something fitted, glittery and attention grabbing. This will be your go to dress for a good night out.
  5. Knee length tailored dress. This will be for conservative events. Its fitted but covers everything.
  6. Mini dress. This should be bright and worn on fun and flirty nights.
  7. Sexy dress. Fitted but not revealing. People need to imagine what is under there, sexy doesn’t mean showing everything.
  8. White dress. Obviously this is needed for white parties but now can be worn in all seasons. Just make sure you use the right accessories.
  9. LBD (little black dress). This is a must! Every girl needs at least 1 amazing black dress that can be worn at any occasion.

Some of our models get to wear dresses all year round, here in Chicago we have limited dress season. If  you have all these dresses you are all set, if not I just gave you a reason to go shopping! Enjoy, you deserve it!

Team Pink Avenue