Simple Ways Promotional Models Can Help Us

The team at Pink Avenue Models works hard staffing events all over the country. We staff trade shows, street teams, special events, liquor promotions, and even print and video work in numerous cities everyday. We love what we do and appreciate all of the hard work from our promotional models. Here are a few things we ask of our staff to help us out…

  1. Please sign and return your paperwork on time. We understand that some events come up last minute but please get it to us asap. We need this as an agreement between the model and the modeling agency and also to pay you on time.
  2. Please show up to your event on time, which means 15 minutes early. It’s nice when the client doesn’t have to call us and ask where their hired staff is.
  3. Arrive hair and make up ready. One of the worst calls we can get is our client saying the models showed up fresh out of bed and don’t look like their pictures. It’s hard for me to call a model and tell her to fix her hair and make up.
  4. Respond to any email, phone call or text from the agency. Anytime we contact you it’s for a reason.
  5. Where the proper attire. This is another thing that is in your contract, the client specifically requested it, and it needs to be followed.
  6. Return any receipts within 48 hours so we can bill the client and reimburse you. Read your contract because not every event reimburses for parking. If you turn in your receipt 1,2 or 3 weeks late you will not be reimbursed.
  7. Show up ready to work, smile, have fun and represent the brand the best you can. Remember you are being paid well and should love what you do.

Follow these simple steps and you should have a great review from our client which means future work for  you! Happy promoting!

Team Pink Avenue