10 White Dresses For This Weekend

We are so close to the big holiday weekend and the start of Summer! Finally! There will be tons of things going on this weekend, house parties, boat parties, the beach, and anything else outdoors. Like any other holiday weekend we have tons of events booked as well. For those promotional models that have off this weekend, you are lucky. We know that there was once a rule that you couldn’t wear white until after Memorial Day, not sure if people still follow that or not. Either way I know there will be tons of white parties this weekend and I want to make sure everyone has their special white dress ready. Here are 10 dresses that I found that are adorable, very affordable and easy to get. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend everyone!

Victoria’s Secret

Urban Outfitters


H & M


Charlotte Russe


Arden B

American Eagle


Team Pink Avenue