Easy, Flirty Summer Hairstyles

It’s 80 degrees in Chicago right now and will be all week so obviously we are all thinking about Summer. Models all know that trying to style their hair in the Summer is not the easiest, especially in a humid city like Chicago. Here are a couple hairstyles that look awesome, are easy to do, and last all day. These styles are also appropriate for any type of event that you are booked for, trade shows, street teams or any other type of promotion.

  1. Braids. You can wear 1 big side braid, add little braids to a messy bun, or turn a braid into a side bun. Its very flirty, sexy and easy.
  2. Sleek and straight. Make sure you use a smoothing balm to keep the frizz away.
  3. Bangs. Let them be messy and do their thing. Summer is suppose to be fun and care free.
  4. Half back. This is an easy way to have your hair down with it out of your face.
  5. Up, with a headband. This is a quick hairstyle that can look fancy if you add a skinny headband.
  6. High ponytail. Curl it, shake it out and spray it.

These 6 hairstyles are so simple and look great. Think about them before you get ready for your next event, they can be dressy or casual. Have fun experimenting.

Team Pink Avenue