Booth Babe? I Think They Meant Trade Show Model!

Another article talking about “booth babes” was just published and let’s just say it wasn’t very nice. Every trade show is different, some are really conservative, some are fun and laid back so it makes sense that attire for trade show models is never the same. This article was recently published about E3, which is a gaming convention. To summarize the long article it basically was saying that models in little amounts of clothing take away from the show and offend other women at the show. People think that they should promote the game more and not use attractive women to promote games that they know nothing about. The article goes on to say that the hired models are uneducated about the product and use their looks and bodies to attract consumers but it’s ineffective.

I have worked over 40 trade shows in my time and never once have I had to wear an offensive outfit or have I been called a booth babe. Obviously I have seen models that have worn seductive outfits but that was their choice and they were comfortable with it, and definitely grabbed attention. Every company has an image that they want to portray and some of them think that sex sells, and it probably does. This article is saying that girls are clueless about the brand they are promoting and I have to say that a lot of clients spend a lot of time training the models. A lot of our clients have the models arrive early to have a training session or send over product knowledge for the staff  to review before the show starts. People forget that most trade show models are highly educated with college degrees in various industries. I found this article to be very offensive to this industry because I see this industry in every way, not just as a visitor to one trade show. These girls work hard, and work a lot, most people couldn’t handle a promotional model’s schedule.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I obviously disagree with this article for many reasons. I don’t think people should judge these models until they actually work in the industry and see how things really are. Congrats to all of the models that work in this industry and do well, it’s not easy. We appreciate all of your hard work!

Here is a link to the article if you would like to read it, .

Team Pink Avenue