Simple Reminders For Our Promotional Models

I had the chance to go and check on one of our street teams yesterday and noticed a couple things. The team at Pink Avenue Models blogs all the time about what we expect at promotions, tips for promotional models and anything else that can happen at an event. Here are a few things that I noticed yesterday.

  1. It was 95 degrees outside and some of the team didn’t own khaki shorts. Khaki shorts are a necessity for Summer events, get some asap!
  2. The team was outside for 7 hours and were not given water. Yes the team was given a break mid day but we always take about how important it is to stay hydrated. Bring your own water because the client isn’t expected to provide it but most do.
  3. Stay positive. There were multiple people complaining while they were working even though they all knew what they signed up for.
  4. Make sure you know your brand facts. Some of the team was handing out samples but not saying anything. Your job is to promote a product, you have to know brand knowledge.
  5. Stay in your location, don’t wander on your own.
  6. Do not make your own break schedule. You are being paid to work, not wander around and take breaks. This isn’t fair to your team.
  7. Don’t ask to take product home. If it is offered that is ok.
  8. Follow normal event rules. No swearing to consumers, come dressed and ready to work, follow your team leads directions, and stay off your phone.
  9. Smile, you never know who is watching. These events are made to be fun!

Remember these simple tips for a successful promotion. We want only the best people representing us and our clients.

Team Pink Avenue