Weight Loss Reminders. It’s Bikini Season!

It’s almost 100 degrees here in Chicago and Summer has officially arrived. Swimsuit season is here, are you ready? Let’s be honest, promotional model’s schedules are extremely busy this time of year and our eating habits aren’t always¬† the best. Here are some tips to help you lose those unexpected pounds you may have gained so you can be bikini ready. Good luck!

  1. Take a multi vitamin.
  2. Watch less tv and become more active.
  3. Snack smartly. Avoid the junk food.
  4. Use smaller plates. Portion size in America is way oversized.
  5. Eat spicy food. It speeds up your metabolism.
  6. Lower your carb intake.
  7. Do some kind of cardio 5 times a week.
  8. Avoid artificial sweetners.

We give health and weight loss tips all the time. A lot of these are common sense but simple reminders. Eat healthy, stay active and you’ll be proud to wear your bikini.

Team Pink Avenue