Summer Beauty Tips

This Summer has definitely been hotter than normal here in Chicago. It is hard for our promotional models to look their best when it is over 100 degrees outside and their hair is falling and make up is sweating off. There are tons of outdoor events going on and we want you girls to look your best so here are a few tips on how to look your best when the heat is against you.

  1. Skip wearing powder, sweat and powder do not mix well.  Use a tinted moisturizer and always have blotting papers. This will take the shiny look away.
  2. Make sure you wear a moisturizer with SPF and carry extra sunscreen so you can reapply through out the day. Sunburn looks awful, hurts, and is bad for you. Do whatever you can to avoid this from happening.
  3. Summer acne can happen from all of the sweating and sunscreen that you are applying. Try and find an oil free moisturizer to prevent breakouts. We have all been told that sleeping with your make up on is the worst thing you can do, and it’s true especially after long hours of working outside.
  4. Another situation that has happened to all of us, you leave home with perfect make up and by time you get to work it has melted off. Bring qtips to fix the make up that may have smudged under your eyes, have a mini mascara and lipgloss handy to reapply. In the Summer it’s easiest to wear minimal amounts of make up.
  5. Ingrown hairs, this happens from waxing and can be painful. After your waxing appointment clean the area with astringent and apply a hydrocortisone cream or aloe to reduce the swelling and prevent irritation.
  6. Your whole body is sunburned and you are in pain. Take some Advil to reduce the swelling and relieve the pain, take a cool shower, and apply a fragrance free after sun lotion that contains aloe. Make sure you stay out of the sun until the burn heals. If you have to work outside the next day make sure you cover up the burn, you do not want to burn more.
  7. After the sunburn always comes the peeling. I know its tempting to peel the skin but actually this makes it worse, allow it to shed naturally. Keep moisturizing the area and drink tons of water. The key is to keep the area hydrated.
  8. Heat rash isn’t as common as some of the other things we have mentioned but it happens. Take a cool shower, wear loose clothing, use calamine lotion, and avoid heavy scented lotions.
  9. The team at Pink Avenue Models definitely promotes practicing healthy sun tips which can means we encourage our models to use self tanners. Some self tanners go on nice and easy and some leave streaks. To remove the streaks use fresh lemon juice and a loofah in a warm bath. This will increase the natural turnover of skin cells which will speed up the fade process.
  10. Blisters are very common in the promotional modeling world. We stand in heels for up to 14 hours a day, walk for miles while working street teams, and strut around trade show floors for days at a time. There are a couple ways to heal blisters, the number one thing we want to do is pop it which is wrong because it can cause infection. The doctors recommend covering it with a bandage, if it pops on its own make sure you clean it out and cover it with Neosporin.
  11. Faded hair color can look awful. .Experts recommend using a shampoo line that is made for color treated hair. Why wouldn’t you use something made to protect your color?

These are a few tips to consider this Summer. We want all of our models to be healthy, happy, and look their best. Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Team Pink Avenue