Avoid These 14 Things For Clear Skin

The team at Pink Avenue Models loves doing research on new trends, beauty secrets, shopping and anything else that our promotional models may be interested in. Today we found an article that I feel is important and helpful. A models face is something that grabs attention so clear skin is a must. Here is a list of bad habits, if you are doing any of these stop asap. These things are aging you, making you break out, and preventing you from having the best skin possible.

Do Not…

  1. Skip sunscreen.
  2. Smoke.
  3. Drink. (occasionally is fine, excessively is not)
  4. Use the wrong products for you skin type.
  5. Use dirty make up brushes
  6. Press your phone against your face. It’s so dirty!
  7. Overexfoliate.
  8. Skip Sleep.
  9. Sleep with make up on.
  10. Eat a ton of junk food. Bad for your skin and your body.
  11. Pick at your skin.
  12. Forget to exercise.
  13. Go tanning.
  14. Use too many products. Keep your routine simple.

This is a short list of things that can cause skin issues, so try and avoid them.

Team Pink Avenue