Busy Schedule? Don’t Stress

The promotional modeling world can be awesome! We get to work fun trade shows, special events, get into every bar in the city for a liquor promotion, meet famous people, get VIP access and not to mention we represent amazing brands and get tons of free stuff. Everything has a downside and being overbooked and stressed are some of the downfalls to this industry. We think about work and how fun it will be and then we book ourselves all weekend, all week, sometimes multiple times a day. If that doesn’t stress you out add paperwork, recaps, uploading pictures, being in traffic, making sure you have the right attire, and remembering to stop and eat on top of a busy schedule. STRESS! I found an article that includes ways to relieve stress, everyone has their own methods but here are some recommendations. Remember to just breath!

  1. Have alone time. You need a break from people and need to do what makes you happy.
  2. Write your schedule down and keep it with you. Then you will never forget or mix things up.
  3. Try yoga. There are so many different types out there, do what works best for you.
  4. Have a night out. Just don’t talk or think about work, and make sure you don’t stay out to late and miss your morning event.
  5. Laugh. Watch a funny movie or call your entertaining friend.
  6. Go for a long walk. Observe everything around you.
  7. Listen to music, this is the easiest thing for anyone to do.
  8. Have a relaxation day, get a massage, mani & pedi, haircut. You deserve to be spoiled!
  9. Plan a mini vacation, this will keep you sane and give you a break from your busy schedule.
  10. Take a nap, if possible. Otherwise make sure you get plenty of sleep at night.

There is a list of 10 easy stress relievers, try them all! Keep in mind when you are booking work not to over do it. Clients don’t want tired, worn out models they want people with tons of energy. Make sure you leave time for yourself, we want our staff healthy and happy.

Team Pink Avenue