Have Your Promotional Models Been Trained?

A lot goes into hiring staff for an event, more than anyone knows. Usually there are multiple parties involved. Sometimes it  starts with a client, they hire a marketing agency, then that marketing agency hires a modeling agency, and then a model is hired. There are a lot of contracts involved, and requests coming from various people. We want to hire the best staff that we can, and as we’ve said a million times before we are picky about who we add to our database. We found an article today that talks about how to hire the best brand ambassadors and we agree with all 12 of these steps. It’s not always easy to follow through with these steps, and some events are last minute so it’s just not possible. In a perfect world we would plan every promotion this way. Enjoy reading this article and think about it next time you are planning an event, these steps will lead you to the best promotional modeling team.


Team Pink Avenue