Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, Trade Show Model, Spokesmodel…

Brand ambassador, promotional model, trade show model, product specialist, spokesmodel, all mean the same thing to me but there are a few differences. The team at Pink Avenue Models gets tons of phone calls from people asking how to get into the modeling industry and we always reply with we’re a promotional modeling agency so we do things a little different. We try to explain what we focus in which is staffing events and trade shows all over the country. Our clients all use different words when booking models but all want the same results. I think the main differences between the terms used in this industry are the amount of training involved and the attire.

Brand ambassadors – these positions are usually lower in pay, require khaki pants, an oversized t shirt, and take place outside. This is how a lot of people start in this industry. These are also the only type events that you can get aways with minimal amounts of make up and a pony tail.

Promotional model – this term is used a lot in liquor promotions or special events. The client is usually looking for attractive models that have the brand knowledge of their product memorized. These models are required to have their hair and make up done, usually wear a dress and heels, and be extremely fun and personable.

Trade show model – this is exactly what it sounds like, you are a model at a trade show. This is really good money for models because it’s multiple days and long hours. Attire for these types of events can be anything from a suit to a swimsuit depending on the show. Clients look for experienced models that are professional, attractive and outgoing because you need to get people into their booth.

Product specialist/spokesmodel – these are usually long term positions for 1 brand that require a lot of training and maybe even traveling. The perfect example would be an auto show. These models are paid well, usually have contracts, and know everything there is to know about the product they are promoting.

Every one of these positions have the same goal which is to interact with potential consumers, educate them on the brand and encourage them to buy whatever you are promoting. The whole idea of a promotion is to promote a product and to get people excited about it, that is why companies spend so much time on marketing. This industry is so fun but we want you to remain professional as well. Happy Promoting!

Team Pink Avenue