Models Help Us Out! Follow These 8 Steps

The team at Pink Avenue Models tries to be as efficient as possible. We try to be quick and get everything to the client and promotional models as fast as possible, it makes life easier for everyone. We need the same from our promotional models! Here are a couple things we want all of you to keep in mind.

  1. Send us updated resumes and pictures. Clients want to know what you look like now, and they like to know your experience. The more we have to show them, the better your chance of getting booked is.
  2. Please get your model contracts back to us as soon as you can. It’s a commitment between you and the agency and we hate asking for it numerous times.
  3. Make sure your address is up to date. If you move, let us know so we don’t mail your check to the wrong address. This happens way to often.
  4. Please show up to your event hair and make up ready and happy! The client doesn’t want to wait for you to get ready or hear about your bf drama.
  5. Don’t ask us if we can pay you earlier, if we can pay you more, or why parking isn’t included. Every client has a budget and that is what we work with. We pay within 3 weeks which is fast for this industry.
  6. Arrive in the correct attire, not what you feel like wearing that day.
  7. Don’t talk to the client about your check, or contract or anything else. They won’t know these details.
  8. If you take pictures of yourself at an event feel free to send them over. We like to see them too!

These are the top 8 things that I can think of. We love this industry and want to keep it fun but professional at the same time. Happy Promoting!

Team Pink Avenue