Answers To Your FAQ

The team at Pink Avenue Models receives tons of phone calls a week. Some of these phone calls we enjoy, like ones from new clients or old clients. We don’t mind calls from models calling with questions about events they are booked for. Any phone call about work that has been booked or will be booked is great. With this said, of course we receive calls that aren’t so great. Here are a few answers to your most FAQ.

  1. We do not book babies, children, or teenagers. Everyone we work with has to be 18+.
  2. I can not help you get into the modeling industry, I will never be able to help you “be discovered”.
  3. We do not charge fees to work with us and we will never take a percentage of your check.
  4. Yes, you must submit your information on our website, that is how we get our model submissions.
  5. We do not have open calls. Our days are busy and unpredictable, we can’t have people just coming in randomly through out the day.
  6. I can not book you and your friend together, the client always selects who they want to book not me.
  7. The reason you haven’t heard from us is either we haven’t had an event in your area or we don’t think you would be a great addition to our staff. We want promotional models that have experience and a passion for this industry, not warm bodies that could care less about working.
  8. We are a promotional modeling agency that staffs events nationwide. Yes we get some requests for print or video work but it’s not our main focus.
  9. The worst phone call that we get is… “tell me about your company”. We have a website that explains everything that we do.
  10. Please don’t call and ask if we have received your model submission. We receive hundreds a week and taking the time to find yours is time consuming. If you don’t have a computer please don’t mail your pictures, we can’t use anything that isn’t digital. (Yes, we receive calls from people that say this)

Sorry for the vent but these phone calls happen every day and it just takes time away from more important things that we have going on.

Team Pink Avenue