Pink Avenue Model’s Pet Peeve

I have been working in this industry for about 10 years and would like to think that I have experienced most situations. The team at Pink Avenue Models has heard every excuse of why a model couldn’t show up for work, we have had amazing events and some that did not go as planned. We staff events, trade shows, street teams, corporate parties and everything in between. We love our job and enjoy it but there is one thing that really bothers us and it’s out of our control.

Yes, we book promotional models all over the country but we can’t be at every event. How the model performs on site is one of our biggest worries. We want to make sure they show up on time, dressed and ready to work. We don’t want them to complain, embarrass us or the client. This is why we are so picky about who we hire and add to our database. We want gorgeous, professional, reliable, outgoing¬†talent that take their job seriously. There is nothing worse then confirming with a model 2 days prior to their event and hearing, “oh sorry, I woke up sick and won’t be able to work” or “family emergency” or any other excuse, we have heard them all.

With all of this said please keep it in mind when you are booked with our modeling agency or any other company. Once you back out, don’t show, or perform badly the agency will probably ban you. It would be stupid for us to let you make us look bad more then once.

Team Pink Avenue