Biggest Mistake In Promotional Modeling

What is one thing that makes any promotional model look unreliable and makes a modeling agency not want to work with you? The answer is backing out of an event the day of. I know that the team at Pink Avenue Models works hard to keep clients and models happy. We are very efficient, include as much detail as possible, we pay fast and do the best we can to make this industry as easy as we can. We would appreciate it if models did the same. We absolutely hate being lied to! With all of this said we understand that things happen but feel that it is the models responsibility to approach us with the situation, why wait for us to confirm with you and then give us an excuse? This is a blog and I am venting but I will never understand why models back out last minute? This industry is fun, you meet amazing people, work awesome events, and get paid extremely well. Sometimes you wake up lazy and just don’t want to get ready and work even though you committed, signed a contract and agreed to work? Backing out of an event is one thing that we do not recommend doing, it gives you a bad reputation and gets you blacklisted from every agency that you do it to. We appreciate all of our promotional models that show up to work, do a great job and do everything that is expected of them. Thanks to all of the professional, reliable, hard working talent out there, we couldn’t do it with out you!

Team Pink Avenue