No Call No Show = Worst Thing To Do

Our blogs are usually about events that we have coming up or about tips to make our promotional models more prepared. We usually talk about trade shows, events, street teams, promotions and anything else going on in the industry but today we are going to vent about promotional models.

We understand that this industry is flexible and that you make your own schedules, everyone is an independent contractor. We appreciate all of the promotional models that are reliable, responsible, and live up to their responsibilities. We HATE the models that fill out their paperwork, confirm that they are all set to work, and then the day of they just don’t show up. Not only do they not show up but they don’t even respond when we reach out to them, maybe being ignored is better than a fake excuse. The reason we bring this up is because the weather is getting warmer and people would rather do fun things then work, and that is fine, just don’t agree to work then. There is nothing worse for the modeling agency and client then a no call no show.

Clients rely on us to provide staff for their events and all of our clients select who they would like to book so it isn’t easy to just find any replacement. A model that doesn’t show up ruins that relationship with our client. Not showing up to work is a very selfish thing to do and not only does it cost the agency money but it ruins our relationships and can make us lose clients as well. It is THE worst thing a models can do.

Please think about this the next time you just don’t feel like working. Tell the agency something came up so they can find a replacement and replace you with someone that actually wants to work. Just so you know you will be banned from the agency and if you do this to a lot of modeling agencies you wont be able to find work.

Sorry for the vent but it’s annoying for us!

Team Pink Avenue