Chicago Auto Show 2014

The Chicago Auto Show is coming up, less than a month away! We have a ton of promotional models that travel and work the auto shows often so they know what to expect. The auto show is a long, tiring, but fun event to work. For an event like this agencies want to hire their best talent. They want reliable, professional, outgoing staff that can work 8+ hours for 10 days in a row. Modeling agencies can’t staff promotional models that will call in sick, or whine about being tired or sore from standing. If this is your first auto show here are a couple of tips for you to make it through this 10 day event.

  1. Get lots of sleep. This show is exhausting and you need to have as much patience as possible. You will be talking to people your entire shift.
  2. Bring your lunch. You can by food at McCormick Place but it will be expensive and isn’t healthy at all.
  3. Invest in comfortable shoes, you will be standing your whole shift.
  4. Take public transit, parking is nearly impossible.
  5. Dress warm, the convention center is always on the cooler side.

Good luck to everyone that is working this event, it’s fun and the check is always great!

Team Pink Avenue