No Call No Shows/Last Minute Cancellations

I know I have blogged about this before but every time it happens I blog about it again. This is any modeling agencies pet peeve, most hated thing and a way to ruin our day. Yes, I am talking about no call no shows and last minute cancellations . I am proud to say that this doesn’t happen often but in my 10 years of experience I have seen it way to many times.

I myself was a promotional model and still work events occasionally because I love this industry. I love meeting new people, learning about new brands, going to new places and not knowing what will happen when I am onsite. I have worked a ton of events where promotional models don’t show up and I can say that it doesn’t ruin the event, we always make it work but it does ruin things. It ruins the relationship with our client. I can guarantee that if a client has a bad experience with an agency they will not be back. It ruins the relationship between promotional models and modeling agencies, WE WILL NEVER CONTACT A PROMOTIONAL MODEL THAT HAS SCREWED US OVER. We have heard every excuse, there was a death, I’m so sick, my car isn’t working, I forgot. We don’t care what your excuse is, we wont believe it, especially 30 minutes before your event starts. It also upsets us that we could’ve booked anyone else that would have showed up, done a better job, and appreciated the opportunity but the client unfortunately selected someone that was irresponsible and unprofessional and it ruined it for everyone. So after we get the fake email or text message because you are to unprofessional to call we have to scramble to find a replacement. This is tough because models don’t want to be the 2nd option because the 1st one backed out and there is usually no time to find a replacement.

The reason we write about this is so people don’t do it! This is such an amazing industry and you are privileged to work in it. We ask that you are professional, reliable, and do your job. The team at Pink Avenue Models tries to pay well and we pay fast because we think you deserve it. Since we have worked in every aspect of this industry we know what is important and we know what to expect.

One of our clients contacted us today because they used multiple agencies for an event and models from some of the other agencies backed out. They asked for our help but with the event being hours away there was nothing we could do. Their client is now going to be upset with them, and they are upset with the modeling agency, and those models have been banned from the company. Just notice how much your irresponsibility affects others.

Rant over. Enjoy your weekend.

Team Pink Avenue