Become A Pink Avenue Model

I answer the phones all day long here at Pink Avenue Models and I get asked a lot of questions. I would say that the most common question is, how can I become a model. As you can imagine I have the same answer for everyone. I tell them that we are a promotional modeling agency that staffs events all over the country and that we don’t manage models. I also tell them that we take all of our model submissions online and that we ask for 4 pictures and a resume. The reaction I get can be anything from thankful to surprised.

We want to have the best team possible, its best for us and our clients. We review every submission, read through every resume and look at every picture. Some modeling agencies add everyone to their database, we don’t and we never will. Our clients are very selective and they have a reason to be. When you are submitting your pictures online send professional and recent pictures, blurry underwear picture don’t make it very far with us. Keep it clean!

We are always looking for the best talent around the country, we look forward to working with all of you.

Team Pink Avenue