#1 Thing NOT To Do In This Industry

After 10 years of working in this industry I will never understand one thing, why people back out last minute, no call no show, or cancel half way through an event. I would think that promotional models would take things serious and that they would want money, this is your job. Let me explain AGAIN what happens when a promotional models wakes up and doesn’t feel like going to work.

  1. The client is upset and the plan for their event set up has to be restructured. They booked you, and planned on having you there to assist. You didn’t show up so now the roles and responsibilities that were yours have to be given to someone else.
  2. You failed to show up and the clients plan has changed. Automatically the modeling agency that staffed you loses that client, loses money, and earns a bad reputation because of your laziness. Although the agency had a contract with the model and the model agreed to be there, it still comes down on us. Why would a company hire an agency again when they had a bad experience.
  3. So you ruined the event, the modeling agency lost a client and money, and now you are banned from the agency. The thing about this is the model doesn’t care because there are so many agencies to work with. However, this industry is small and once you’re known as the girl that doesn’t show up you will not be booked by anyone.

There are different types of promotional models. We appreciate the beautiful, smart, reliable models that have tons of personality and appreciate their job. Please don’t be the diva who shows up when she wants to and is the weak link. You know the type, the “model” that thinks she is going to be famous and is just a pretty face. We have more than enough of those, and the clients dislike them just as much as us.

With all of this said I do want to thank our reliable talent, we appreciate you more than you will ever know! You guys are the ones we look forward to working with!

Team Pink Avenue