My Social Media Complaint

The team at Pink Avenue Models doesn’t usually post on social media websites to find promotional models. We like to hire talent that has submitted on our website, been approved and added to our database. We look for models that have experience and great pictures that we can forward on to our clients. With all of this said we are aware of all of the groups on facebook and I noticed something while looking through the pages the other day.

I saw a ton of postings which is great if that is how modeling¬†agencies want to find their staff. What bothered me was the comments from the promotional models looking for work. The main comment that bothered me was “I applied but they never responded.” This bothered me because they don’t understand how many emails the modeling agency receives a day. I would say on an average day I receive at least 100 emails/phone calls. We try to respond to everyone, especially if its about an event, payment, or questions that you may have. When it comes to castings we can not respond to everyone that is available for the event. Our process is reaching out to our staff, sending pictures and stats of available models to our client, then contacting the models that the client has selected. It would be impossible for us to reach out to everyone that wasn’t selected, it’s just how this industry works. My recommendation for commenting on social media is either don’t do it or keep it simple and positive.

I hope you all are having a busy Fall and a busy trade show season!

Team Pink Avenue