What Not To Do In This Industry

I work in an amazing industry, every day is different and I get to do amazing things. We mention all the time that our industry is different than most, it’s flexible and fun but we have to remember that it is work and that we have to remain professional. We are all so lucky to work in this field and have awesome experiences so it bothers me when people take advantage of it. For example we had someone cancel their shift 20 minutes before the start of their event yesterday. I was so shocked that someone would do that for many reasons. One, don’t you need to work and make money? Another reason is because it’s very selfish, we had 100 other promotional models that wanted to work and need to work and this person stole an opportunity from someone. The team at Pink Avenue Models tries to always be positive and we expect the best from our staff but this situation was shocking.

PLEASE do not do this. The best thing that you can do to cancel a shift is tell your booking agent the truth, don’t make up a lie about an emergency, we don’t believe it and block you from our database. If you do cancel please do so in advance so we can find a replacement and let the client know what is going on. Promotional models don’t understand that clients pick them specifically and are not happy when they have to replace their pick. If you book a job please commit to it, reputation is everything in this industry.

Team Pink Avenue