Do Your Research

The team at Pink Avenue Models spends some time checking out the job boards on Facebook and we notice the same questions being asked over and over. The main question that we see is about an agency and if they pay. We see so many promotional models asking other models if they have been paid from certain events or specific agencies. You have to be smarter when booking work. Do some research! A lot of people see a posting and it sounds like an amazing event with decent pay but you have to see more than that. What is the point of working an event if you never get paid? Some posts mention that they are waiting for checks from Summer or early 2014, that is unacceptable! Promotional modeling isn’t always an easy job and you deserve to be paid! Make sure you research the company that you are working for before you agree to work, google them, ask peers, look at their social networking websites and see if there is negative feedback. Just be smart.

Team Pink Avenue