My Favorite Chicago Trade Shows

The team at Pink Avenue Models specializes in staffing trade shows. We are located in Chicago and are lucky to have some of the biggest trade shows in the world. I have worked over 50 trade shows and have learned that some don’t feel like work and some are torture. Here is a list of my top 5 favorite trade shows to work. If you are a trade show model in Chicago you should try and work these shows, they are the best!

  1. NRA. The National Restaurant Association puts on a great show. This convention has every kind of food, drink, and anything else you might see in a restaurant or hotel. Rows and rows of heaven!
  2. ABS. America’s Beauty Show is every girls dream. This show has rows of hair, make up, nail products, tanning supplies and anything else a girl needs to get ready. Just make sure you don’t sign up to get a crazy hair cut or colorful dye job.
  3. Sweets & Snacks Expo. This is a smaller show but similar to the NRA. The only problem with this is that the NRA and Sweets & Snacks overlap so you can usually only work one or the other.
  4. NACS. This is a wild show full of music, customers in jeans, and any snack your heart desires. This is a very relaxed show. Unfortunately this show changes cities every year and hasn’t been in Chicago the last couple of years, Las Vegas stole it from us last year.
  5. Chicago Auto Show. Promotional models probably think I am crazy for saying this because this is a 10 day show and it hurts your body but the paycheck is great. If you are lucky enough to find a client that only books you on the weekend that is the perfect situation. We all learned that you have to reward yourself after 10 days at McCormick Place.

These are my favorite trade shows, what are yours?

Team Pink Avenue