The Top 10 Excuses We Have Heard From Promotional Models

This article made me laugh. Working in the promotional modeling world has taught me a lot about people and has definitely made it hard for me to believe any excuse we receive. When we book promotional models for trade shows, events or promotions we hope that they follow through and show up for work. In this industry if a model wakes up and doesn’t want to work or books something better they usually give us a lame excuse. The modeling agency cant really do anything about it. We have to find a replacement which usually upsets the client and we always ban them from further work. There are so many staffing agencies now that models have no problem screwing one over because they know they can get hired from another company. This is a list of excuses to give instead of just bailing and I feel like we have heard all of them. I hope you find this list as funny/annoying as we did!

Team Pink Avenue