Another Pink Avenue Pet Peeve

Last night I was working on booking a trade show in Las Vegas and there were 2 problems that kept happening and it was driving me crazy! The first problem was promotional models not following instructions. We ask for specific information because that is what the client requests. When you don’t submit the information that we asked for we have to ask you again which makes the process to submit you to our client a lot longer. Another problem is stage names. This has always been a pet peeve of mine, it’s annoying. You have a legal name, that is how we saved you in our database. When you respond to our casting with your stage name it confuses us and we have to figure out who you are. This is promotional modeling not Hollywood. Lets keep things simple so we can all do our jobs.

Sorry for the rant but understand how annoying this is when you are going  through 60+ emails.

Team Pink Avenue