Photo Advice

Winter is approaching us in Chicago and usually things slow down in the promotional modeling industry. This is the time to update your resume, get new pictures and look for more agencies to work for. When it comes to pictures the team at Pink Avenue Models wants to submit the best pictures that we can of our promotional models. With that said here are a couple things to keep in mind when submitting pictures to modeling agencies.

Please wear clothes! I can’t even count how many times we have been sent nude pictures. We don’t want to see you naked, we will never send naked pictures of you to our client, and you should not send them to us. This includes implied nudes!

We want to see recent pictures, not anything from 10 years ago.

Please submit clear pictures of your face. We don’t need pictures of your back or you with sunglasses. We want a clear representation of what you will look like when you show up to work your event.

Photo shop happens, I know. Let’s keep it minimal.

Always send a candid picture as well. These are more accurate.

Do not send pictures with your boyfriend, friends, baby, family or group. We need to know who you are, not other people.

Those are my tips for now! If you get updated pictures always send them to your agents. People change over the years and we want the most current images.

Team Pink Avenue