Promotional Model Problems – Missing Payment

I’m not sure if every staffing agency pays attention to the casting pages on social media but the team at Pink Avenue Models does. I don’t go out of my way everyday to spy on other agencies but I am aware of who is casting for what event. I also notice all of the complaints from promotional models, the biggest one is late payment or not being paid at all. I know we have mentioned this before but you have to be careful who you work for! I know that you probably see cool jobs or maybe you just need money and are so eager to work any event.

There are so many companies out there right now. It seems like every ex promotional model is starting there own. As a business owner for over 7 years I can tell you that it is not easy running a staffing agency, the work never ends. As a former promotional model that has seen it all I always put our staff first. I worked for companies that didn’t pay, companies that paid month and months later, and dealt with rude staffing teams. They didn’t understand that I needed the money and that I earned it.We make sure that you guys are paid within 30 days because you deserve it. You worked for us, you have bills, and  you should be paid in a timely manner. Personally I think that the agencies that pay 90+ days after an event are wrong. That is 3 months after you worked and unacceptable, they get paid every 2 weeks and you should get paid in a decent time frame. Some agencies do not pay at all and then avoid your calls and emails when you try to reach out. The sad thing is that these agencies are still in business. There is a long list of agencies that I don’t want any of you to work for but I am not allowed to mention them.

There are a couple of things that you can do to avoid payment issues. Work with companies that you trust and have experience with. If you are new to the industry ask other promotional models for recommendations. Don’t leave the event without the clients contact information. If you are having issues with the agency get the client involved, that should get your problem solved. Read the social media forums, there are tons of complaints from models on there. Trust the people that are in the same industry as you! If you do have a bad experience please share it but also share your good experiences. If the booking agent is using a personal email address that is usually a red flag as well. All businesses should have a work email. Keep track of when you worked, who you worked for, and when payment is due according to your contract. Please just use common sense when booking work. Summer is right around the corner and it is going to be extremely busy, be careful where you spend your time. Lets have a great busy season!

Team Pink Avenue