Why Have Promotional Models Changed the Past 10 Years?

I started working in this industry when I turned 18. I started as a promotional model for Miller Lite and other liquor brands. From on premise samplings I headed into special events, trade shows, and other promotions. When I started I worked with smart girls, most had marketing backgrounds. They were pretty and always showed up with their hair and make up done. They were professional, educated on the brands, and very outgoing. This was 14 years ago and my have things changed.

I’m still involved in the industry but in different ways. Promotional models are not the same as they were when I was working events. The staff doesn’t care about the brands or the client/agency, they just care about the paycheck. Models are late and show up like they rolled out of bed. They are not as outgoing and most have bad attitudes. When did things change and why?

Promotional modeling is supposed to be fun! Models get to work at some of the biggest events in the country and get paid for it. They get paid well to! When you are hired you are expected to show up on time, study up on the brand, be energetic and engaging, put effort into your appearance and respect the client, staffing agency and attendees. Lets work together and be better at this!

Team Pink Avenue