Has The Promotional Modeling Industry Died?

I have worked in this industry since I was 18 and my how has it changed. I remember when I first started working events all of the other promotional models I worked with were gorgeous, smart, reliable, responsible, outgoing and professional. They were friendly and we were part of a small circle and so lucky to work in this industry. We helped each other out and recommended other staffing agencies and promotions to each other because we trusted each other and cared. I don’t see this in the industry anymore.

The NRA is a trade show that comes to Chicago and is one of my favorites. I think it is the best convention to work, the consumers are relaxed, there is music, food and drinks and close to 70,000 people. All I noticed this year was girls that looked like they rolled out of bed, promotional models coming late to their booths, constantly on their phones and just not thrilled to be there. There were so many last minute cancellations, promotional models not showing up or canceling half way through the event. If you cant have fun at the NRA you should not be working trade shows. I know we all need to work and love to make the money we do in this industry but seeing all of this makes me miss how things used to be. Models were excited to work and happy to work in this industry because it didn’t feel like a job. It’s heartbreaking to see an industry that I love so much not do well. Clients aren’t paying as much, they are cutting hours yet demanding more than ever. I don’t know if things will go back to the way they were. Is the promotional modeling world dying? Will this be a position that doesn’t even exist in 5 – 10 years?

Team Pink Avenue