Is the Promotional Modeling Industry Changing?

What is happening in this industry, things are definitely changing and I don’t think for the better. Social media is huge right now and has been for the past couple of years. The team at Pink Avenue Models is very active on social media, we see what people are posting.

When I started in this industry many years ago it was amazing. It was competitive and you were competing against the best. All of the promotional models/trade show models were gorgeous, educated, talented and people that you wanted to work with. They were reliable and professional and treated their job as a career. Now the staff that I see is in it for the money. They roll out of bed, don’t put any time into their appearance and usually show up late. They don’t take the time to learn about what they are presenting and don’t mind looking dumb in from of the client and consumers. They complain and look miserable.

The pay rate has decreased. I made great money years ago and when I see what companies offer now it’s insulting and probably why the talent pool is declining. A trade show model should never be offered $17 per hour. Standing for 8 hours a day, usually in heels is exhausting. Smiling and engaging with every person that walks by isn’t easy. Getting ready in the morning, getting to the convention center, working your whole shift and driving home during rush hour turns into an 11 hour day and trade shows are multiple days in a row. This is a tough job and if clients want good staff the rate has to be increased.

Client requests have become more demanding. I deal with clients everyday and sometimes what they request is crazy for the amount of pay that they are offering. I will always fight for the promotional models to be treated well because I understand their position, I was in their position for many years. Sometimes clients have high demands but a tight budget and it just doesn’t work out.

I don’t know when things started changing but I have had many conversations about this over the years. My friends in the industry tell me how hard it is to find reliable staff and I have to agree with them based on the experiences that I have working at an agency. Things have definitely changed and I don’t know what the future will bring. If you are in this industry and reading this please be professional and realize that you work in a very unique industry and should be grateful.

Team Pink Avenue