Don’t Cancel Last Minute

I don’t know how many times I have written about no call no shows or backing out last minute but it happened again. I don’t think promotional models know how big of an issue this is and how it puts everyone in a bad place. Here is an example of what happened late last night.

IMTS is one of the biggest trade shows in the World and definitely one of the biggest conventions that comes to Chicago. One of our clients booked a model months ago and I made sure to follow up with her numerous times to make sure she had the dates set and planned on working. I reached out to her over the weekend with final details and she responds saying she is no longer available. This was 11 hours before IMTS was starting. IMTS is one of the busiest trade shows, pretty much every local model works and many travel in for this event. Most models have been booked for months so imagine how hard it is to find a replacement at 10pm on a Sunday. I reached out to our local staff and posted on the brand ambassador pages on social media and as you can imagine I barely received any response. At this point I am extremely annoyed, the client is furious and the situation isn’t getting any better. As I am spending hours working on this the model isn’t thinking about the situation at all. The worst thing that happens to her is that I delete her from the database and she never works with us again. We did find a replacement after hours of back and forth emails with models and the client.

Promotional models don’t understand that this costs the agency thousands of dollars, ruins our reputation and makes our clients go elsewhere. Promotional modeling is a profession and can be a career. This can only happen with reliable, professional, outgoing and intelligent models that care about their reputation and appreciate the opportunity given to them. The moral of this blog is… if you book work, plan on working.

Team Pink Avenue