Monthly Archives: October 2016

Most Haunted Cities In America

The world is not a fun place right now. I am over hearing about the election, I still cant believe these are our two options. I hate logging on to social media and seeing the Kardashians every single day. I am getting to the point where I want to delete my social media all together.

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New York Trade Shows – November

Oh New York, I have so many amazing things to say about you! NYC is truly a city that never sleeps. I have been to New York over 10 times and I still haven’t seen it all. I understand why there are so many trade shows and conventions in this amazing city. Here is a

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Las Vegas Trade Shows – November 2016

Las Vegas is always one of the busiest cities in the country when it comes to trade shows. Next month is a little slower than usual but things will definitely pick up! Here is a look at trade shows taking place in Las Vegas this November. Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW) 2016. November 1- 4.

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