It’s Time for a Pink Avenue Rant

It’s time for a rant. This has happened a couple of times recently and it has happened in the same city. I worked as a promotional model for many years and am still heavily involved in the industry. I see the social media posts, I have friends that still work and I am aware of how much promotional models should get paid. Working trade shows and events for many years gave me a clear understanding of the pay range. Working as a promotional model for many years gives promotional models that work for Pink Avenue Models an advantage because I will always be on their side and try to do what is best for them. We pay fast, we pay within range and we are very careful about what events we agree to work on and what uniforms are appropriate.

We send out detailed castings to see who is available for certain jobs, the pay rate is listed on there. Models tell me that they are available and then ask for more money. I’m confused, you told me you were available and then asked for more money when the client wanted to book you? This is when I have to agree that some people in this industry are divas and take the title model way to far, Mariah Carey attitude.

To sum things up… a client has a budget, we stick to that budget and offer local talent work, they agree to work for a set rate. That is where it ends. If you ask for more money you are eliminated from that position. We book hundreds of events a year and have for almost 9 years, we know what we are doing.

Team Pink Avenue