Something Fun/Interesting to Read

I saw an article today and it really has nothing to do with Pink Avenue Models, trade shows, events or promotions. It doesn’t really have anything to do with promotional models either even though I know a couple that have been on the show. I can honestly say that I have watched the Bachelor a couple times in my life, I don’t love it, I actually hate the way they make the girls look so crazy. Is it entertaining, yes. I also find it annoying. I saw this article pop up on social media today and I read it, I actually find it shocking. I know the contestants get paid for their time on the show, I don’t think it is much. I do think it is crazy that these women are expected to arrive with enough dresses for 10 rose ceremonies, I don’t have a single gown that I could wear and wouldn’t want to buy 10! Dresses are expensive. On top of the 10 gowns they are expected to have clothes for all types of dates.

Here is the link if you want to read about this:

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