WHAT Happened to the Pay Rate in This Industry??

Is it just me or has the pay gone down in this industry. The team at Pink Avenue Models is all over social media and we see all of the job postings on FB and I can’t remember the last time that I saw a posting for more than $18 – 20 per hour. I have seen this for in store demos, special events and trade shows! This is a problem. Pink Avenue Models will turn 8 in 2 days and we have worked with hundreds of clients. We have a lot of clients that respect the promotional model position but we do get clients that think they should be paid pennies, deserve unpaid lunch and won’t reimburse parking.  These are the clients that request supermodels for $10 per hour. We do not work with those clients. As an ex promotional model my first priority is our staff. I think that treating your staff is important. They deserve to be paid well and paid on time. Being a promotional model is not easy work. Imagine standing for 8 hours in heels while smiling and having pointless conversation with strangers while being harassed and having to prove that you are more than a pretty face. That is an average day at a trade show.

Something has to be done, this pay rate is way to low for what the job entails.

Team Pink Avenue