The Truth Behind The Modeling Industry

A friend posted this on her Facebook yesterday and most of it wasn’t shocking. I started in the modeling industry at a young age and luckily I knew that I wouldn’t make a lot of money and that this career would be short lived. I went to college, earned two degrees and now do modeling as a hobby and a way to be creative. Can you imagine working all day on set and getting 10 – 20% of your day rate? How do you live off of that? You don’t, you are forced to borrow from your agency which gives them the power. As the article says, they know the models won’t do anything about it.

This article is sad and I would think it’s going to discourage people from getting into the industry. The team at Pink Avenue Models receives a lot of calls from potential models and the first question is about how much we will charge them. Stick to trade shows and events, at least you know you are getting the pay you earned!

Team Pink Avenue