How Pictures Can Come Back to Haunt You

I can relate to this article and I know a lot of other promotional models probably can to. When I was in college I bartended on the weekends, then was recruited as a promotional model which led to events, trade shows, photo shoots and print modeling. At the time I was so excited about all of the opportunity because I was 20 and not thinking of how it would make finding a career challenging. I posed for every mens magazine out there, Maxim, Stuff, FHM and even placed in the top 100 out of 1 million in a Playboy competition. At the time I was proud and it is still fun to think that I did all of those things but finding a career was impossible.

I studied Marketing in college. I thought that it would be a career path that would allow me to use my personality, creativity, challenge me and would always be changing. That is all true. What I didn’t think about was that most of the hiring teams would consist of women, women that google your name and find out everything about you. With so many social media outlets now this has to be even easier to find dirt.  I’ll never understand what posing for magazines has to do with my education or ability to work but it definitely has made things difficult. After college I moved to Chicago and landed an internship at a promotional modeling agency,  moved up to the position of Director, quit and started Pink Avenue Models. I applied for numerous jobs with lots of companies and didn’t even get a reply. This wasn’t because my lack of education, I had a 3.96 GPA from a great school, have social skills, great work ethic and like to be the best at what I do. These companies will never know that because they didn’t give me a chance to show them.

When I saw this article today I could relate to her story and the constant fear of those pictures being leaked. It isn’t anything that I would ever deny and I’m not ashamed but it’s not something that I want determining my future. It is actually something to be proud of, not everyone is published in magazines. The topic is something that I talk to the younger generation of promotional models about, I want them to know what they are getting into.

I hate how women are treated in the work place. If they are pretty they are judged and harassed, if they are overweight they are talked about, if they don’t wear make up they are sloppy and lazy. Can’t women just be women? Is it okay for women to be smart AND pretty? What would happen if men were judged EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. What if we brought up their past? Here we are again with the double standard.

Team Pink Avenue