Pick Your Promotional Modeling Agencies Wisely

The promotional models are at it again on social media. Today I saw a post on the Brand Ambassadors of San Francisco that talked about all of the new companies popping up. It’s true, I have seen so many new companies the past couple of years but most of them don’t last. You can only get away with screwing over the talent for so long. With new companies comes trust issues and of course payment issues. It is relatively easy and very affordable to start a promotional modeling agency. I think some are more trustworthy than others and that is what makes an agency great and long lasting or unfair and temporary. The main priority when it comes to a promotional modeling agency should be the promotional models, you can’t run an agency without them.

The post today was about working with unknown companies and having to fight for payment. We all know that you can make great money in this industry but sometimes you don’t get that money for 90 days, and sometimes you don’t get that money at all. Fighting for your money is annoying and happens way too often in this industry. What is happening is these agencies are booking clients, then booking models and not paying them, they are keeping the money and sadly get away with it. I wish there was a simple situation to this problem but there isn’t. Promotional models want to work events and trade shows and they want to work a lot. My only advice is to stick to agencies that you know and have worked with in the past. Do your research! Ask other people in the industry if they know of the agency offering work, google them, the more you know the better.

Be smart! Good Luck!

Team Pink Avenue