Work for Agencies That Respect You!

My friends have been posting amazing things to blog about this week! Thank you! A friend posted this article yesterday and I have seen it before and have the same thoughts about it. I feel like this article is based on common sense but I see how others will disagree. There are different types of people and some of us are nice, empathetic to others and want to treat people with respect. Sometimes money gets involved, egos get big, and priorities change. Even though the audience of this blog is catered to promotional models working events and trade shows it still applies.

I have worked with well over 50 promotional modeling agencies in the past and I learned a lot of them are awful. They don’t pay on time, they don’t communicate unless they need something, they ignore your emails/texts and they disrespect you because they feel like you are beneath them. I can say from experience that I made more as a model than anyone made working a 40 hour week in a marketing/promotional agency.

This article basically says that people leave because they feel that they aren’t treated properly. Why would you work for someone that over works you, doesn’t appreciate your work and doesn’t respect you. The worst type of leader is the type that dictates orders and doesn’t participate. I want to learn from my boss not be bossed around. Know that you should be treated with respect in your work place and you should enjoy going to work most days.

Team Pink Avenue