Use Social Media Wisely

I think one of the best feelings in the world is leaving the country and not being able to use your phone for texting, social media, or checking work emails. At least once a year I visit my friends at their lake house in Canada and it’s the best weekend of the year. We are outside 90% of the time, we watch the stars, go boating, hiking, lay on the dock and just enjoy being friends. This is the weekend that I forget about life, work, bills, and focus on having fun and enjoying life. It is so refreshing to not see the news or anything on social media. This is something I feel like I need to do. I can say that coming back and facing reality is always hard the first couple of days.

I decided to go back to school for another degree and we studied the reality of what social media does to people in one of my classes. It is depressing and gets to everyone, but most people don’t notice. I found an article about ways to keep social media a pleasant experience and thought I would share it. I follow a lot of people in the promotional modeling world on social media and a lot of it is selfies but a lot of it is posting just for attention. I do like the posts about trade shows and events that the promotional models are working! Please review this article and remember to not believe everything you see on social media and to post wisely!

Team Pink Avenue