Why Do Promotional Models Back Out Last Minute?

I wish I could count the number of last minute cancellations/no shows on one hand but I can’t. Why does this happen? Why would any promotional model just not show up to work? Do they not need money? Do they not how important it is to be professional? Did they find something better to do? I don’t know the reason but I have seen it happen when I worked trade shows and events and unfortunately it has happened while running a promotional modeling agency. This is not my fault, it is the model‘s fault but the client takes it out on me. What the client doesn’t know is that every model is contracted, given final details, followed up with numerous times, and sent a final reminder that asks for confirmation. I do everything that I can. I have said from the beginning of my events career that if a promotional model is going to cancel/back out of an event to at least be an adult. Take responsibility and actually call the agency and tell them. Tell them the truth! We would much rather hear that you booked something else, are no longer interested in working, or whatever the reason is. PLEASE do not send me a text at 2am telling me you have a family emergency. PLEASE do not tell me that you woke up sick or that you got in a car accident. Definitely do not tell me that you called/emailed/text me when you didn’t. I have a work number, a work cell phone and a personal cell phone, there are many ways to get in touch with me.

You may be wondering where this is coming from this time. We had an event earlier this month with a repeat client. The client called me an hour before the event saying that he received a text from one of the brand ambassadors saying he wasn’t coming to the event and that he had told me that days ago. Obviously the client is pissed and accuses me of ignoring the situation. If someone backs out of an event the first thing I do is look for a replacement and ban the person that backed out from our database. The decisions of this promotional model made the agency look bad and made me look unprofessional and unable to handle my job. This is the reason for the rant today!

Team Pink Avenue