What is the Worst Uniform You Have Worn at an Event?

This is a question that I have been meaning to ask for a while. The worst uniform that I have ever worn is either a pea colored dress or a jumpsuit that looked like it was made for a prisoner. The green dress was an awful shade of green, extremely long and fit horribly. They wanted us to wear these in a nightclub in downtown Chicago. The prisoner jumpsuit wasn’t much better. It was huge, unflattering, black and didn’t make any sense for the event. I’ve worked a lot of trade shows and events and most of the uniforms have been fine and fit the theme of the event. My question of the day is what is the worst uniform that you ever wore for a trade show or event?

When I googled this question this is the first image that came up. It isn’t that bad and looks like it fits the theme of the event!

Team Pink Avenue