Hairstyles for Your Summer Events

I am sure that I have mentioned this numerous times in the last 8.5 years of owning this company. I don’t like Summer. If I could skip a season it would be Summer. There is something about being consistently sweaty no matter what you do that I don’t like. My least favorite thing about working as a promotional model was working in the Summer, which is extremely busy. I remember receiving emails that would tell us to have full hair and make up done upon arrival…It’s 95 degrees and extremely humid in Chicago, that isn’t possible! Summer in Chicago can be amazing, there is always something going on which is amazing for events and promotions. Being promo ready the next couple of months is going to be a challenge but hopefully this article will help. Here is a link to 31 different hairstyles that are adorable, will last all day, and keeps your hair off your face.

Team Pink Avenue