How Much Longer Will the Promotional Modeling Industry Last?

I have had this thought for a while but I’ve been thinking about it more and more lately. Are we working in an industry that is slowly dying? For example, an agency that I worked for just let their whole Chicago staff go today. The past couple years were slowing down for them and it came to the point where it wasn’t worth it anymore. I know that I have mentioned the job posts that I see on social media, the pay is incredibly low. I still receive emails of job invites from other agencies and the pay is $16 – $20. How can anyone in a big city survive on that? Being a promotional model costs money. We are expected to be educated, beautiful, and have a promo ready wardrobe. In return promotional modeling agencies offer $16 per hour?! No way!

Years ago when I first moved to Chicago I was making a ton of money. I would book back to back trade shows and make thousands of dollars a week. That isn’t possible anymore. I deal with clients and they all have different budgets but I think many of them are unaware that promotional models should be paid well. I’m not giving up on this industry yet but I do think it is slowly dying and may not exist in a couple of years. The end of experiential marketing is near.

Team Pink Avenue