There is More to Life Than Work

This article popped up today and it caught my eye. I recently had a birthday and I swear every birthday I evaluate my life and question if I am making the right decisions. I also wonder if I am where I am supposed to be at my age. A lot changes as you age and one of the main things is the types of conversations that you start having with your friends. I always tell my friends that I want to be happy in life and that I want to help others. Some of my friends say they want more money, better cars, bigger houses. We all want different things but I think there are a few things we all want, a life of health and happiness.

This article doesn’t really have anything to do with promotions, trade shows, or events. I know a lot of promotional models get asked what their real job is, or what will they do when they grow up. Being a promotional model is a full time job! Promotional models are smart, beautiful, hard working and chose this profession to have a flexible schedule. They have time to love, be healthy, be happy, and have a great work/life balance. That is what this article is about. I hope that I am alive and active at 100!


Team Pink Avenue